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Abortion ban protest held in Central Wisconsin

MINOCQUA (WAOW) Local protesters picketing abortion bills dressed as characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

“I’m turning 40 this year and I shouldn’t be having to go back to do this again” said Misty Jackson of Lac du Flambeau.

A controversial vote in the state of Alabama sparked outrage from protesters across the United States on  Tuesday. Their anger follows Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, signing into law the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. “The concern in the issue is that whether or not the government plays a role or should have a role to play in protecting the rights of the unborn” said Kevin Hermening the President of the Republican party of Marathon County.

Despite the protests, the Alabama law is set to go into effect within 6 months, making performing an abortion a felony, even in cases of rape or incest. The only exception in the law, if the mother’s life is in danger. “I hope that the education information gets out that this is a time a place where the church and the state shouldn’t be in charge of women’s bodies” said Jackson.

The debate over abortion has renewed political battle lines, moving the polarizing issue of women’s reproductive right to the center of the 2020 election. With Democratic candidates mostly united in their stance, they are still at odds with the current administration. “That’s where the republican legislature in Madison is coming down at this point, to protect human life at every element” said Hermening

A 2018 ABC News Washington Post poll found that 30% of Americans would like it to be harder to get an abortion. While 21% say they’d like to see it get easier, but 45% say they’d like it to remain the same.

Both sides are now ready for a long legal battle.

Amanda Lojewski

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