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Central Wisconsin private school invests in renewable energy

KRONENWETTER, Wis. (WAOW) — Northland Lutheran started work Thursday on a 162-solar panel array. The panels will be mounted on the private school’s roof.

Local electrical companies are working together with student and parent volunteers on the project.

Kevin Roland, an electrician and also a parent of two Northland Lutheran students, says it will help the school financially in the long run.

“It’s renewable energy so any money they make off the solar system or that the sun creates, that comes directly off the school bill,” said Roland. “And being a private school, every little bit helps the school. They’re talking a $4200 saving a year on electric. That’s a lot.”

The school received several grants to help pay for the multi-thousand dollar solar project. School officials say that before receiving the grant money, the project would not have been possible.

The work is supposed to finish up Sunday.

Curtis Aderholdt

A WAOW photo journalist since December 2014.

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