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Sheep attacked by wolves on north central Wisconsin farm

BUTTERNUT (WAOW) — Paul and Judy Canik woke up on Monday morning to find dozens of their sheep slaughtered by wolves. And, this wasn’t the first time it has happened.

“This is the fourth time now… everything will be going along perfectly fine, and the all of the sudden you wake up and they struck again,” Paul said.

The Caniks have gone to great lengths to protect the herd. But because the wolves are a protected species, killing them isn’t an option.

The couple has spent thousands of dollars on Spanish Mastiff guard dogs to protect the herd. But, said the seven they have is no match for the alleged pack of 14 wolves in the area.

They’ve also put up flags and a dead man, a balloon that inflates and sounds a siren every few minutes, to try and scare the wolves away.

Sarah McGrew

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