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Snowmelt contest comes to an end

**Update June 30th** Below you will see a picture of bare ground on Rib Mountain taken on June 29th. It is finally the end of Winter. The snowmelt contest is over. The winning date is June 29th, and 58 guessed the correct date. A drawing for the big prize winners will be this upcoming week on Wake-up Wisconsin**

**Update June 27th** The warmer weather is taking its toll on the snow. The picture below from June 27th shows a much smaller snow pile. It could melt on the 28th or 29th. Check back here for updates through the weekend.

**Update June 24th** Updated picture. With some 80 degree temps likely later this week, this pile of snow only has a few days left. It might not make it to July.

** Update from June 18th** Just another picture of the massive snow pile remaining on Rib Mountain from June 18th.

***Update from June 10th** below are a couple of pictures of the snow left on Rib Mountain. There is a bit in the rocks, but the main snow is in the big pile in the middle of the mountain. After seeing it up close, I would estimate over a week yet before the end of the contest.

**Update from June 2nd** below is a picture of the snow taken this past Sunday June 2nd. There are still a few days to go before it melts.

Thank you to the thousands of people who entered the snowmelt contest. It is always a fun event and the more the merrier. The entry period is closed.

We are now at the point where the watching and waiting begins.

The picture here is from May 13th, when there were a lot of large snow piles left.

A couple of those are going to last a while longer, maybe into June.

Check back here for updated pictures as the contest gets closer to the end.

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