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Wisconsin Outdoors: An Archery Lesson

In Stevens Point, in a humble building with a sign that read, “Bucks and Bulls Archery,” resides one of the best archers in the world, Gary Hintz.

Hintz is a three time Wisconsin State Archery Champion and has been a national archery finalist several times. When you add that to 43 years of experience he has incredible knowledge and skills in the sport, which is why getting a lesson from him in this weeks Wisconsin Outdoors was so cool.

I was only able to spend about two hours with Hintz, but despite the short time there was a wealth of information gained.

For example: What equipment you should add to your bow to help you make a better shot. How to properly sight your bow. What stance to use and what an anchor point is and why it’s so important to a consistent shot.

I would have loved to have picked his brain longer, because I know we were just scratching the surface of his knowledge, but I had to get back to put together the video above.

Which, if you want a small taste of what Gary Hintz is teaching, or maybe need a refresher course on how to shoot a bow give it a watch!

Alex Stewart

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