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Marathon Co. Bomb Squad safely detonates dynamite in Hatley

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) — The Marathon County Solid Waste Department found themselves in a situation not even they could have predicted: playing host to a dynamite detonation.

In a post on the SWD’s Facebook page, they received a call from the Marathon County Bomb Squad, who needed a location nearby to detonate a cache of dynamite found in an old Hatley barn.

According to the post, the dynamite cache was “very old and VERY unstable,” and Bomb Squad officials wanted to avoid traveling a long distance with the TNT still live. Bomb Squad Commander Lt. Ryan Weber determined that the SWD was the best place for detonation.

With the assistance of other departments, such as the Ringle Fire Department, EMS officials and Marathon County Sheriff’s deputies, officials found an old sand pit as a safe place to detonate the dynamite.

The SWD advises to not touch, move or bring any explosives you may encounter to the Hazardous Waste Facility. Dialing 911 immediately is their recommendation.

Photo Courtesy: Marathon Co. Solid Waste Dept. Facebook page.

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