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How meth gets to Central Wisconsin

WAUSAU (WAOW) — Meth continues to be an issue across the Badger State, but where it’s coming from has changed over the last two decades.

The illegal substance used to be manufactured much more right here in Wisconsin, but that became exceptionally more difficult after pseudoephedrine went behind the counter in 2006. The federal regulation of the drug hoped to combat an national problem.

Those regulations helped to eliminate meth labs across the state, but it didn’t keep meth out of Wisconsin. While it’s still possible for meth to be manufactured in the U.S., it’s significantly more difficult and expensive. Now, most of the meth found in the state is coming from somewhere else.

“It does usually come up through areas like Mexico, through the Twin Cities and across and distributed from there,” said Marathon County Health Department Prevention Specialist Melissa Moore.

“It can be transported through ground travel, air travel,” she said of the many ways the substance makes it into the county.

No matter when it’s coming from, meth is extremely dangerous and causes problems across the country and right here in Central Wisconsin.


Sarah McGrew

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