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Gov. Evers signs bill to ban “R” word on state codes

(WAOW)- Governor Tony Evers signed his first bill on Tuesday as governor.

The bill removes the term “mental retardation” and replaces it with “intellectual disability” on state codes in bills or laws.

“People with disabilities I feel like the ‘R’ word shouldn’t be allowed, to me the ‘R’ word is not good,” said Cameron Phlieger, a member of Adaptive Communities, a place for adults with disabilities to gain every day skills.

“The ‘R’ word is pretty hurtful to others and it can offend others,” said Corey Stieber also a member of Adaptive Communities.

Even though the bill passed with unanimous bi-partisan support, Evers and republicans who control the legislature bickered over the issue after Evers signed an executive order prior to the bill passing.

“Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness,dignity, empathy and respect every day and that includes the laws and codes that govern our state,” said Evers.

“They were brought into this life that way, it’s not like they were able to choose what happened to them,” said Anissa Walters, the co-director for Adaptive Communities.

Adaptive Communities said it aims to make sure adults with disabilities are never left out.


Victoria Saha

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