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Marathon County celebrates Hmong Heritage Month

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) — April is Hmong Heritage Month and people across Marathon County are celebrating.

On Saturday, the Hmong American Center is hosting a Hmong Heritage conference dedicated to their history and successes.

Payeng Yang, the chair of the conference said it’s important that the Hmong community is recognized within the larger community.

“It’s very common that we would get mistaken for a different identity or a different culture,” Yang said. “Just knowing that the Hmong exist, and that we’re here and that we’ve been here for the last 40 plus years is what we really want. We just want to know that we have that presence.”

On Thursday, the Wausau Police Department shared their appreciation for the Hmong Officers on Facebook.

Wausau police officer Snow Thao said Hmong representation in the police department can give others inspiration.

“Being a police office and a part of this community where I grew up, that’s a huge thing for me and it’s been a great ride so far,” Thao said.



Sarah McGrew

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