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Nashville Packers fans ready for NFL draft in their city

The 2019 NFL draft is just a day away, and it’ll take place at the end of Nashville’s iconic Broadway Street.

Just a couple hundred feet or so from that stage sits Benchmark Bar. But even though it’s just across the river from where the Titans play, Benchmark is a Packers bar.

“It’s so fun. I mean, you walk in here and there’s never a stranger in a Packers bar. Everybody interacts with everybody, because we’re all here to support the same team,” said owner Jamie Grissom.

Benchmark says they’ve gone from just a handful of Packers fans on game day, to filling their second floor and putting the overflow fans on their first floor.

“It’s pretty impressive. We have a line out the bar about a half hour before the bar opens. They start pregaming on the curb out there. And then when they let it in, I have a little bit of a tradition. The Bears still suck plays every single game day when they walk in and the kickoff of halftime,” said game day bartender Will Monroe.

They say, in all, they get anywhere from 60-100 Packers fans each and every game day.

And this weekend, they expect even more.

Those Packers fans, just like their brethren back in Cheeseland, have plenty of opinions about what the Packers should do with their two first-round picks.

“I think that the Packers are going to draft a big man at position 12. Either an offensive lineman, tackle, guard, or a defensive lineman,” said Greg Stielstra of Franklin, TN.

“I do think he’s going to take somebody on the line for first pick, and hopefully either another wide receiver, another secondary person on defense,” said Nashville local Ken Johnson,

And Patrick Zelenski doesn’t agree that either pick should be used on one of the two Iowa tight ends, both mocked to the Packers with a lot of regularity over the past few weeks.

“I think we have to go back to back offensive tackles. I think we don’t go with Fant at 30. I think we bolster trying to keep Rodgers healthy. He’s probably only got another 3-4 good years left in him, and I want his prime as long as we can get it.”

Whoever they take, these fans say getting to experience the draft in their hometown will be the best part of the weekend.

Brad Hanson

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