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Evers ready to consider changes to Foxconn deal, GOP leader shows lack of support

MADISON (WKOW) — Governor Evers said it’s “premature ” to talk about how he wants to renegotiate the Foxconn deal a day after he announced he doesn’t think the company will create 13,000 jobs. Evers said he’s working with Foxconn and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to “consider” changing the deal.

“It’s premature to talk about how we’re going to get there. But the fact of the matter is they have made a business decision and we’re working with them and discussions are happening to consider changing the deal.”

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is remaining confident the company will remain committed to 13,000 jobs and doesn’t think Evers will gain support from Republicans if the deal is altered.

Vos appeared on WISN-AM 1130 Thursday afternoon attacking Evers decision.

“The only thing that could happen is to make the deal worse for Wisconsin,” said Vos.

Evers told WKOW that he never had a change of heart with the company, instead, a change of view after Foxconn scaled back plans to build a Generation 6 factory to produce screens for iPhones, tablets televisions and other products. Foxconn’s originally said it would produce much larger screens and build a Generation 10 plant.

“Because they have changed their footprint, we need to take a look at how we can all benefit from that,” said Evers. “Business decisions are changed based on the market and other things so to guarantee a certain amount (of jobs) I don’t know if that’s productive for anybody in this.”

On the campaign trail, Evers critiqued Foxconn but said a few weeks into office he would abide by it. After seeing their business decisions change, he wanted to intervene.

Foxconn said in a statement they’re open to further consultation, collaboration and new ideas. As for creating jobs, the company said they’re “commitment to job creation in Wisconsin remains long term and will span over the length of the WEDC contract and beyond.”

This statement is a different tone than previous statements over the last year as Foxconn typically states “they remain committed to filling 13,000 jobs.”

Evers said he’s not concerned about Foxconn’s reaction and doesn’t believe the deal is “going away.”

Under the current deal with Foxconn, the company could get up to $4 billion in state and local tax credits, but only if they employ 13,000 people and invests $10 billion in Wisconsin.

For the full interview with Governor Evers, tune in Sunday at 9 a.m. on WKOW’s “Captial City Sunday.”

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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