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Untimely winter weather wreaks havoc on spring sports

High School sports in North Central Wisconsin are experiencing last year’s spring Snowmageddon all over again.

“We were so close and now this is probably going to cost us another week,” D.C. Everest Athletic Director James Sekel said.

Just when sports started to get a taste of, what felt like, spring, they were thrown a curveball.

“When we have a series of days with this kind of weather, it’s really going to set us back a ton,” Wausau East Athletic Director Mike Pernsteiner said.

“We could’ve played on our field yesterday, which would have been our first game,” Sekel said.

Athletic Directors are now left scrambling to adjust schedules, plan indoor practices and find potential sites down south for games.

“We’ve already started talking about going to Mauston next week because we just want to get these games in,” Sekel said. “If we can get them in so we don’t have to back them all up into May, that just alleviates the stress of the kids so they don’t have to play two, three, four games in a week.”

But those who are most frustrated with the inconvenient weather are the athletes themselves.

“The kids just want to get outside and play the games they love so much,” Sekel said. “You can only throw so far in the baseball and softball venues.”

For now, indoor practices will have to suffice; however, that can be tough with nine teams vying to use the same space.

“Sometimes there are certain sports that can practice at the same time and it’s a little more conducive to that,” Pernsteiner said. “Obviously you don’t want to be hitting baseballs around with track practice going on, but I’ll be honest, you can never make everybody happy.”

ADs expect the snowstorm to set athletics back seven to ten days.

Alexis Geffin

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