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Area postal workers brave the snow to deliver mail

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) Snow, rain, sleet, or hail can’t keep a postal worker from making their rounds.

Being outside Thursday was rough for all and many people are just hoping that warmer days are closer than we think.

Having to trek through over 10 inches of snow while it is sleeting doesn’t make the job easy but Mera Lonsdorf makes sure it is always a job well done.

“I’m on my second set of gloves, my second set of hats and I definitely have extra boots, socks and everything to keep me going.” said postal worker Mera Lonsdorf.

Mera also said that she has amazing people throughout her route who make sure that the sidewalks are completely clear before she arrives when the weather is bad like it was Thursday.

Amanda Lojewski

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