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Wisconsin Outdoors: Rib Mountain Quarry

For this week’s Wisconsin Outdoors the temperature outside was so nice, I just had to break out the hiking boots to explore Rib Mountain.

More specifically I set out on Rib Mountain’s 15 miles of trails in search of the old quarry.

I am a huge history buff, so I was excited to dive into researching the quarry and finding out more about the mining that took place up there.

I would talk more about my actual hike to the quarry, but you can just check it out in the video above, in addition to learning more about the park and trails.

Ok, back to the history.

Everyone knows that the mountain was used heavily for logging, but people may not know in 1893 it was used for the manufacturing of sandpaper by the Wausau Sandpaper Company.  Beginning in 1902 the Wausau Quartz Company joined the Sandpaper Company on the mountain to crush the quartzite for grinding and polishing purposes.

By 1905 the two companies merged to become Wausau Abrasives, but that would go on to be bought up by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing in 1929.

There was also a rumor going around in those days that gold resided in the mountain, however no one was able to successfully pull any out. But hey, just because no one has, doesn’t mean no one will right?

Anyway, to learn more about the history of Rib Mountain check out their official website here, and to see the trek out to the quarry click on the video above!

Alex Stewart

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