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Marathon County clinic hoping to expand

Marathon County (WAOW) — The Bridge Community Clinic is working towards a new and improved work space facility.

Executive Director Jennifer Smith has proposed the idea to expand the property to better serve those struggling with addiction, mental health and other health concerns.

“Our clinic is designed to meet unmet community needs,” says Smith. “Whether that’s through medical, dental, or behaviorial health services where there are gaps in care access.”

Just like any other clinic, the Bridge Community Clinic will see patients whether they have insurance, no insurance or they are under insured. They exist to serve and meet the needs of all patients. Some of the gaps they are trying to close include transportation for patients to and from facilities, language barrier assistance as well as financial barrier assistance.

The existing dental and medical clinics will stay where they are and will eventually connect to a two story medical and behavioral health clinic center. There will also be additional parking available to all patients.

The goal is to have things up and running by 2022.

Amanda Lojewski

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