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Governor Evers pushes for in state tuition rates for undocumented immigrants

(WAOW)- Big changes could be on the way for undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin.

Governor Tony Evers proposed a budget that would impact tuition rates.

It would give Wisconsin residents who aren’t U.S. citizens in state tuition rates.

For undocumented students in Wisconsin they have to pay out of state tuition rates.

“They would be charged basically out of state tuition and it would be very expensive probably prohibit them to go and it serves as a barrier,” said Jeffrey Todd, a immigration advocate in the Wausau area.

Todd is a strong believer that allowing undocumented students a fair tuition would ultimately help the state.

“On the surface our state is really in the need of a well educated technologically sophisticated work force,” Todd said.

In a statement, Governor Evers office says, “Every kid in Wisconsin should have access to high quality public education from early child hood to our university and technical college systems.”

However, not everyone is on board.

“To put those here illegally ahead of  those who have gone through the process and want to come to the country legally I think it’s kind of disingenuous to them,” said State Senator Patrick Testin. “I would have a hard time giving them any sort of special treatment for those who are in our state illegally.”

Senator Testin tells News 9 that many of his colleges feel the same.

“He wants to give in state tuition for those who are here illegally who have been here three years and if you look at those brave men and women who fight for our country it takes them five years to qualify for in state tuition here,” Testin said.

The proposed budget does have some rules.

It would only be applicable for students who have stayed in a Wisconsin high school for three years or more.

They would also have to provide proof they have filed for a permanent resident visa.

The proposal is still in the works and has not been approved.

Victoria Saha

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