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Four Seasons Park residents afraid their water could be shut off

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) — Residents at Four Seasons Park in Stevens Point are concerned their water may be shut off. Last week, they received notices on their doors from the city.

Several residents said water is included in the rent they pay. One, even called the water department to see if she could pay her part directly. She said she was told the property owner, Christopher Reeves, hasn’t paid the water bill in several months.

“I freaked out, I thought it was just a misunderstanding,” said Jessica Hills, who has lived at the park for a few years.

News 9 reached out to Reeves and he said the bill has been paid. He did not want to be interviewed, but sent a picture of the check he sent to the Stevens Point Water Department.

Hills reached out to Mayor Mike Wiza with her concerns. Wiza said he’s been in contact with the Red Cross and representatives from the Salvation Army.

“I think the issue has at least been temporarily resolved and we’re hoping for a more permanent solution,” Mayor Wiza said.

But residents are still concerned, unsure if they’ll wake up with water.

“I’m crying at work every day, wondering if we’re going to have water or not,” said Four Seasons resident Tammy Weis. “It’s just very stressful.”

Some residents have even been filling up jars and their bath tubs with water, just in case.

Sarah McGrew

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