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Governor Evers announces more than $90 million in payments to local governments

(WAOW) — Governor Tony Evers announced that local governments received quarterly payments on Monday totaling $90,431,667 for General Transportation Aids, Connecting Highway Aids and Expressway Policing Aids from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Local governments will also receive an estimated $473 million from the state transportation fund in 2019 “to build and maintain local roads and bridges,” per the release. This also includes expressway policing aids to the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department for patrol of Milwaukee expressways.

Evers’ budget proposal includes a $66 million increase for General Transportation Aids, which help defray the costs of constructing, maintaining, and operating roads and streets under local jurisdiction. Connecting Highway Aids reimburse municipalities for maintenance and traffic control of certain state highways within municipalities.

“The state’s local road systems are the “first” and the “last” mile connection to Wisconsin’s economy,” said WisDOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson. “The governor’s proposed budget is the first step to stop the decline of our roads and give our citizens the transportation system they deserve.”

“The stakes are too high to ignore Wisconsin’s infrastructure crisis. It is time to stop kicking the can down the road,” Governor Evers said. “Industry leaders, business owners and residents all over the state understand that Wisconsin’s economic future will rely on sustainable funding for a diverse, high-quality transportation system.”

Per the release, payments to Wisconsin’s 1,852 villages, towns and cities include:

$87,159,818 in General Transportation Aids

$3,015,874 to municipalities eligible to receive Connecting Highway Aids

$255,975 to Milwaukee County for Expressway Policing Aids

Communities also receive state transportation fund revenues for public transit, elderly and disabled transportation, and airport and harbor development, the release added. Local communities may also receive state and federal funds for specific highway and bridge construction projects.

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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