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Wood pellet shortage in Portage County

PORTAGE COUNTY (WAOW) — The extreme winter weather has caused many shortages of essentials this winter. Now stores are struggling to keep wood pellets on the shelves, impacting those who rely on them to heat their homes.

One Portage County resident wrote in to News 9 and said, “since there haven’t been any [wood pellets] available in all of Portage County and beyond for over three weeks, I’m using up my last bags.”

Menards, Lowe’s and Fleet Farm all said they’ve had trouble keeping pellets stocked, but it’s not only due to the high demand. The stores said the severe winter weather has also impacted suppliers.

“The record rainfall in the summer and fall of 2018 hindered the ability of lumber mills to produce and stockpie sufficient raw materials. Now, deep snow fall is hindering the harvest,” Fleet Farm said in a statement.

Menards also said the weather impacted their pellet suppliers.

Lowe’s said they’ve been working with other stores in the state to try and keep wood pellet on their shelves, but it’s not enough. Just last week a shipment of 600 bags came in, but was gone before the week was over. The store manager said another shipment of 250 bags will arrive on Tuesday, but he doesn’t expect it to last long.

Both residents and stores are now hoping spring weather is just around the corner.


Sarah McGrew

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