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Door County woman helps deer that collapsed at her window

UPDATE: A DNR wildlife biologist says the young buck’s condition was too grave and they had to humanely euthanize it.

“The family who found the deer understood this was the most humane course of action and didn’t want the deer to suffer further,” Josh Martinez told WBAY.

He added, “The best course of action for anyone who comes across a deer in poor condition is to contact a license wildlife rehabilitator or wildlife biologist immediately for resources. In addition, we have great information on the DNR website on what landowners can do to help wild deer survive the Wisconsin winters.”


DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The buck stops with a Door County woman who helped rescue a deer that collapsed at her window.

Penny Paye Price of Brussels shared the story, photos and videos on her Facebook page. She gave Action 2 News permission to share them.

Penny writes, “This little buck came up to our window, was staring at us, and collapsed. I, of course, had to run out and carry him in as my family watched with disbelief. We’ve got him covered with warm towels and giving him water. Not sure what’s going to come of this. We named him Giannis.”

Penny later wrote that Giannis, named after Milwaukee Bucks all-star Antetokounmpo, made it through the night. He ate some corn and had some sugar water and applesauce through a syringe.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources picked up Giannis and transported him to Green Bay. It’s believed Giannis was kicked out by his mother and was struggling to survive the winter.

Courtney Terlecki

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