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Local CBD shops showing interest in Gov. Evers’ medical marijuana proposal

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) — Gov. Tony Evers’ recent medical marijuana proposal has the attention of a few CBD shop owners.

“Alleviate Wellness” Co-Owner Mitchell Craven said he plans on acquiring medical marijuana if Gov. Evers’ proposal is approved. He strongly believes that medical marijuana has many health benefits such as helping nausea, cancer, pain relief, along with many other benefits.

“I think there are a lot of people that can get help from medical marijuana. It’s really time to make a new face to this and change that stigma that smoking pot is so bad,” said Craven. “This gives them a way to get off of those pharmaceuticals and still get that pain alleviation. Not everybody who looks to smoke marijuana is a criminal or is non productive in society.”

“Your CBD Store” owner said the thought of selling medical marijuana if the proposal is approved has crossed her mind, but she believes that sticking to just CBD products may be the best option. She said providing resources for customers who want to avoid the THC and psychoactive effects of marijuana is important.

“Anything that medical marijuana can do, CBD can do just as well,” owner Morgan Trone said. “There’s just so many people that have come back using just the CBD and have found relief from pain and anxiety, depression, ptsd, all sorts of things.”

“A lot of people aren’t looking for, again, you know that high, that psychoactive feeling, that euphoric effect, or having to worry about losing their jobs because they’re high or have THC in their system,” Trone added.

Craven also said medical marijuana is a passion of his because it can be a true aid to helping veterans who may suffer from PTSD.

Both owners say the hope Wisconsin continues to push for marijuana rights.

Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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