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Weather affecting prep sports slate

Wisconsin weather has been brutal for prep sports recently. Freezing temperatures and snow have caused many games to be postponed, sending athletic directors scurrying to try and reschedule the games a different day.

“Well it’s been a long two weeks,” D.C. Everest Athletic Director James Sekel said. “(There have been) a lot of phone calls, a lot of text messages, a lot of emails between athletic directors,  through central Wisconsin.”

However trying to reschedule games this late in the season is no easy task.

“You just don’t have the date to reschedule it,” Athens Athletic Director Craig Diedrich said. “If it happens in December you can normally find an open date for your opponent and yourself, you can kind of make it work. We’ve had to be really creative here, even in the last two days.”

They don’t just apply their creativity to getting the teams together. The Athletic Directors also have to get officials, score keepers, janitors  and all other essential personnel to agree to work that day too.

Which is exactly why it’s helpful to always have your list of go to people ready.

“You always have those couple of people in the back of your mind that you depend on,” Sekel said. “(You) have them in your cell phone or on your email that you can pop them up real quickly.”

Even with reliable people and proper communication the whole process can be frustrating… To some people that is.

“It’s a frustration that I think that the student athletes deal with it better than myself and our coaching staff,” said Diedrich.

Which is exactly why, in the end, it’s the kids that make all their work worth it.

“We do this for the kids,” Sekel said. “We work hard for the kids and we love to see them enjoy the sport that they love and have the success that they have.”

Alex Stewart

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