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Tips to conserve energy in the bitter cold

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW) — Wisconsin Public Service is expecting surges in energy use, due to the harsh cold hitting Central Wisconsin. It’s important in times of high energy use to do your best to conserve for safety.

Officials at WPS say to close gaps around windows and doors. If you have ceiling fans, make sure they are spinning clockwise.

“That will allow the fan to take warm air that rises, push it down to the floor, helping the room to feel warmer,” said Matt Cullen, spokesman for Wisconsin Public Service.

Be sure to keep an eye on your furnace filter and make sure it’s clean. A clogged filter can cause strain on your appliance, resulting in increased energy output.

It’s also important to remove snow from the natural gas meter outside, and make sure snow isn’t blocking any appliance vents outside. Build up on outdoor vents can cause deadly gases to come into the home.

“A clog of snow and ice on an appliance vent could cause carbon monoxide to buildup inside a home, creating a hazardous situation,” said Cullen.

When clearing snow from natural gas meters, be sure to use a broom or by hand. Using a shovel to clear the meter could cause damage.

Crews for WPS are on call at all times, be sure to report any issues immediately. For WPS contact information click here

Chase McNamara

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