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Freezing temps aren’t stopping outdoor workers from getting job done

WAUSAU (WAOW) – Not everyone has the option to stay indoors, and some city workers must continue to do their jobs despite the brutal cold.

In conditions where most people just want to stay inside, there are workers like Nick Johnson with his garbage truck picking up cans one by one.

Johnson is the operations manager at Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal.

“The guys that have to get out the toughest part is dragging the carts out of snow banks,” Johnson said. “Most of the residents clean up pretty good but you got the plows that come along and knock them over so it’s just miserable in the cold weather.”

Despite frigid temperatures the state will face this week, Johnson said his team has to make anywhere between 500 to 1500 stops per day.

Johnson said with extra heavy gloves and the heat blasting in his truck is how he beats the cold, but picking up the garbage isn’t the only job that has to get done.

Wausau Police Department said they are patrolling in full force as usual.

“We are wearing a lot of layers, taking breaks if we can and going inside just making sure everything is covered,” Corrine Zimmerman of the Wausau Police Department said.

Zimmerman said she has two extra layers under her thermal uniform shirts and pants.

“We will stay up with the same number of traffic stops we still want to get out there and have full enforcement action,” Zimmerman said. “Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we will stop doing our jobs we must wear more cloths and keep the heat in our vehicles up.”

Johnson said his crew will be working through the cold conditions expected in Wausau on Wednesday.

However, Weston, Merrill, Mosinee and Village of Port Edwards have suspended their trash pick up for Wednesday.


Victoria Saha

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