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Ongoing government shutdown impacting some agencies in central Wisconsin

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Friday was day 21 of the Government shutdown. Many federal employees across the nation and in central Wisconsin are being impacted.

Local Congressman Rep. Sean Duffy says, “It’s a consequence of a deal not being reached. I think as the president said; in 45 minutes we can come up with a solution to open the government back up again.”

According to ABC News, an estimated 800,000 federal workers are either on furlough or required to work without pay. Lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday that will grant back pay to workers currently impacted by the shutdown.

Congressman Sean Duffy said he doesn’t know exactly how many workers in his district have been impacted by the shutdown, but he said that some have called his office supporting the ongoing shutdown in order to build the wall.

“I’ve received a vast majority of phone calls to my office saying you know what we want to see a deal reached but we also want you to secure the border,” said Duffy, “It is a crisis and it has to be fixed.”

Two federal agencies including USDA in Stevens Point and TSA inside of Central Wisconsin Airport are just a few agencies that are being impacted in central Wisconsin.

Thank you notes and cookies have been presented to TSA workers by random passengers going through security at CWA as a gesture of saying thanks for working through not being paid.


Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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