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Wisconsin attorney general calls for red flag gun law

WAUSAU (WAOW) — In his inauguration speech, Attorney General Josh Kaul framed his plans for stricter gun control around the need for school safety.

Kaul cited stats from a Washington Post report that said more than 4 million students last year experienced a school lockdown.

The new attorney general calling for a red flag gun law and universal background checks.

“A red flag law that will allow law enforcement or family members to go to a judge and ensure that somebody who is a threat to themselves or others is temporarily disarmed,” Kaul said.

But a gun rights activist thinks a red flag law would violate constitutional rights.

“That is just a blatant attempt to take away due process from an individual,” said Nik Clark the president of Wisconsin Carry.

Governor Tony Evers said he would support stricter gun control.

“Anytime we have an ability to take a firearm from somebody who may not be able to handle a firearm because of various in-capabilities, we need to investigate that,” the governor said.

Kaul is hoping to work across party lines on the gun control legislation.

Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vos said he’s open to considering a red flag law, but is concerned about the rights of gun owners.

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