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New reports claim Wausau ranked top city in Wisconsin for job growth

WAUSAU (WAOW) —  A new study claims Wausau is the top city for the most job growth.

While there may be opportunities for work, experts said there is just not enough people to fill those positions.

“Collectively, in this region, we are doing very well,” said Dave Eckmann, President and CEO of the Wausau Chamber of Commerce.

Eckmann said the ranking didn’t come as a surprise to him; however, it is bittersweet with too many jobs being available and not enough people to fill them.

“It makes sense, but it’s encouraging because what we are experiencing is that we have a severe labor shortage so we have a lot of job growth, but it outlines the importance of our community to be something bigger and vibrant to attract people here,” Eckmann said.

News 9 sat down with the market leader for Man Power in Wausau, a staffing agency that helps people secure jobs.

“I can speak for here at our Man Power office that, at any given time, we have 20 to 40 different open positions across many different skill sets,” said Christina Lammerding.

However, that labor shortage is still an issue for staffing agencies like Man Power.

“It used to take, to fill a open position, 2 months, lets say. Now, it takes twice the amount,” Lammerding said.

But Lammerding said employers are getting more creative to lure in workers.

“A lot more companies have to utilize on-the-job training or really being open to investing,” Lammerding said. “The good thing is Wausau has a market that really wants to do that; employers want to do a lot more hands-on training.”

Lammerding said there isn’t an excuse for anyone to not work because there is something out there for everyone in Wausau, and that the jobs that have the most openings range from manufacturing to health care and hotel management.



Victoria Saha

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