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Some breweries feeling the impact of federal government shutdown

MOSINEE, Wis. (WAOW) — As the third week of the federal government shutdown continues, the impact is being felt at a local brewery in north central Wisconsin.

The Mosinee Brewing Company opened its door in November, serving craft beers from around Wisconsin while waiting for license approvals.

“We were anticipating having the licensing by early-February and now I don’t know, it definitely is in limbo at this point,” Jacquelyn Forbes Kerns, owner of the Mosinee Brewing Company said.

Without a federal license and the government being closed, the wait continues.

Kerns said all their equipment is ready to go, they just need federal and state approval to brew their own beers. That won’t happen, until the government reopens.

For now, the brewery will continue selling the 16 different Wisconsin craft beers and four non-alcoholic drinks.

Once the government does re-open, brewing experts say it could be awhile for licenses to be approved.

“There’s going to be significant backlog for label approvals and brewery permits for all 7,000 plus breweries across the United States,” Mark Garthwaite, executive director of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild said.

Once the brewery gets the federal approval, they still have to wait for a license approval from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which could take several weeks from the time the first license is approved.

The shutdown is only impacting breweries that are currently waiting for a federal license or label approval.

Neena Pacholke

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