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Man leaves Post-It notes with inspiring messages across city

Over the past few weeks, a thousand brightly colored Post-it notes with inspiring messages have been left all over the city of Milwaukee.

The man who posted the notes wants everyone to know they are loved and valued this holiday season.

Austin Green posted more notes around downtown Milwaukee around 3 a.m. Friday.

He scrawls inspiring messages or encouraging notes, hoping to lift people’s spirits during Christmas and New Year’s.

“It actually made us feel pretty happy. It’s helped us boost our day because it’s (a) cold, wet, rainy day,” said 11-year-old Shannon, who found one of the notes.

“I always promise myself that every single holiday I would try to make it some way not about me but about the city of Milwaukee, and that’s what it’s about this holiday season,” Green said.

Green snaps pictures of his posts. Each of them has his Twitter and Instagram accounts on them if people want to connect with him.

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