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Athlete of the Week: Zion Turner, D.C. Everest

D.C. Everest point guard Zion Turner is not only the leading scorer for the Evergreens, but also the Wisconsin Valley Conference.

Turner’s 23.7 points per game giving him the 25th spot in the state in scoring.

The senior’s strength and speed allows him to get into gaps and create opportunities, but he is not just a one-dimensional scoring monster.

“I’m really trying to round off my game and do it on the defensive end as well, Turner said. “That’s just a hustle thing. That’s just getting my mind to it that I have to stop this guy, how to do that and I tell myself that I’ve got to get it done.”

Turner says the key to his success is being a “gym rat”. His passion is basketball and in order to get better, he believes he has to put his heart and soul into the game.

Alexis Geffin

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