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Gov. elect Tony Evers hears citizen’s concerns on state’s budget

WAUSAU (WAOW)- Incoming governor Tony Evers met with hundreds of residents for his “Building the People’s Budget.’

Evers made stops around the badger state including here in Wausau on  Wednesday to speak with local folks and focus in on key matters that need the most fixing.

“The state’s budget as you know is the most important policy lever that we have in the state of Wisconsin,” Evers said.

Though the state’s budget isn’t revealed until March of 2019 Evers said it gives him time to figure out what matters most to Wisconsinites.

“We are in process of baking that and we want the people to be part of putting the ingredients in that cake,” Evers said.

Citizens split up into groups to talk about a variety of topics including healthcare, transportation and kid’s needs.

Wausau resident Joel Lewis said he want’s every Wisconsinite to have the security of healthcare.

“There’s 84 thousand people currently in the state that don’t have badger care and can’t afford market place insurance and if we don’t have citizens in good health then how can they be productive members of our community,” Lewis said.

Evers said he is willing to work with republicans on the issues discussed on Wednesday.

He said he believes they want to fix the same issues he does.

Victoria Saha

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