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Athlete of the Week: Quinn Steckbauer

This week’s athlete is Quinn Steckbauer from Merrill.

Through the Bluejay’s first four games the senior point guard has averaged 24.5 points per game on his way to helping his team to a perfect 4-0 start.

“I found some open looks and I started feeling good,” Steckbauer said of his play. “I mainly just tried to stay aggressive. I was able to beat my guy and get into the paint and I just kept going with it and I ended up getting a lot of points.”

So far this season Steckbauer has had performances of 36,31 and 25 points. “Yeah, it’s really cool to see that. I mean it’s not really something I shoot for, I just try to make winning plays,” he said. “Whether that means scoring a lot of points or no, I just try to do whatever needs to be done.”

Having huge games like his 36 point effort is something Steckbauer is proud of, but ultimately he keeps a much larger goal in mind.

“I think our big two season long goals are win the conference one, and then make a run to state. We’ve been to sectionals last year and we think that we’re ready to make that next step and take it to the state tournament. ”

You can see more about Steckbauer in the video above.

Alex Stewart

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