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Mayoral recall election Tuesday in Abbotsford

ABBOTSFORD (WAOW) — Voters in Abbotsford will head to the polls Tuesday for a mayoral recall election.

City Council President Brent Faber filed the petition against current mayor Lori Voss in August, and declared his candidacy that same day, according to records.

The two local politicians ran against each other back in 2017.

Voss said it was a mess when she began her term as mayor. She said the books hadn’t been reconciled for 18 years.

But, she’s concerned her bringing issues to light sparked the recall.

“I seriously think if I had just swept everything under the carpet there wouldn’t be a recall,” Voss said.

Faber said he “disagrees with the direction the City of Abbotsford has been moving,” and was motivated to file the petition because of concerns from residents.

“It started out as a small conversation and then it turned into a group of people, and then it just grew larger and larger,” Faber said. “It seemed like a good idea to move forward with the recall.

To force a recall, Faber had to collect signatures in support of his petition.

Both Faber and Voss are concerned voter turn out will be low and could be the deciding factor in this recall election.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tuesday.




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