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Wausau man charged with voter fraud

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — A Wausau man is charged with voter fraud, specifically one count of impersonating an elector. The charge is a felony.

Investigators said 70-year-old David Kitowski sent in two absentee ballots with his deceased mother’s name on them. Kitowski’s mother passed away in January, but the ballots were sent in April and August.

The City Clerk said during her eight year tenure, she has only had this happen about three times.

“Often it’s not blatant voter fraud, I just want to make that clear,” said Wausau City Clerk Toni Rayala. “This is a situation, again, where there was a misunderstanding with the voter and the process.”

However, she emphasized that getting a felony charge for submitting extra ballots is not worth it.

Ballots go through a registration system known as WisVote. That database crosschecks for things like addresses, matching signatures, eligibility to vote, and it generates a received list for prior felony charges.

Any red flags in that system have to be submitted directly to the District Attorney’s office, regardless of the severity.

Kitowski is set for an initial appearance on Thursday, November 28.

Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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