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Officials encourage parents to do their research before choosing child care

(WAOW)- It’s every parent’s night mare to put their child’s well being into the wrong hands.

It’s been a terrifying few months for parents in Wausau after allegations are revealed about babysitters abusing children.

“Child abuse especially when it deals with very young children they are truly innocent they have done nothing wrong in life to deserve that kind of treatment,” said Detective Jeff Strobach of the Wausau Police Department.

In October Marissa Tietsort was charged with child abuse after watching an eight month old in her home.

There are also allegations that another child died in her care.

Then just this week Merisa Sell who watched kids in her at home daycare was charged with two counts of child abuse.

“We are very aggressive with those cases to make sure we get justice for them,” said Strobach.

Though law officials do everything they can to get justice for the victims, child care officials encourage parents to do their homework first.

“Interview the provider stop in and talk with them about the programming they might offer to your child and pay attention to  how they interact with your child question if they get down to your child’s level,” said Kelly Borchardt the executive director of Child Caring Inc.

The agency helps parents find the right babysitter and also helps caregivers get certified.

“In Wisconsin you can care for three or less children without having to be certified or licensed but once you take in 4 or more that aren’t related you need a license to do that and at that point you are operating illegally,” said Borchardt.

Borchardt also suggests a simple tip that may make a difference.

She said parents have every right to show up to the babysitter’s house unannounced and check in on their child.

Some parents tell News 9 that they have no choice but to rely on child care.

“I would rather have them in public day care where there are other instructors out there where everyone can look for everyone and you know for a fact your child isn’t being watched by one person and there are other adults,” said Ko Xiong a Wausau resident and a mother of three kids.

Parents can even look up babysitters on Wisconsin’s Young Star page.

The page gives you thorough information on a provider and even let’s you know if they have any violations.


Victoria Saha

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