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‘Walk audit’ in Rib Mountain searches for unsafe crosswalks

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) — A woman who is blind and says crosswalks aren’t safe in Rib Mountain is leading a push for safer streets.

About a dozen residents and two county leaders took to the streets Tuesday for a ‘walk audit.’

“A walk audit is an assessment of the street to see how walk-able an intersection is,” Samantha Pinzl of the Marathon County Health Department said. “Walk-able communities are ones that have streets where people can get to where they need to go, safely and conveniently.”

The purpose of the walk audit is to make sidewalks and streets safer.

Penny Happli, who is blind, contacted the health department about a month ago expressing her concerns for the safety of pedestrians at various Rib Mountain intersections.

The walk auditors went to the intersection of Robin Lane and County Road R and Robin Lane and Rib Mountain Drive to take notes on what they think needs to be fixed.

“I am just overwhelmed. I am speechless that they’re willing to come and take this on,” Happli said.

Pinzl said, “There are schools close by, we also have an aging population within this community so it is broader than just her and it’s really intersections that are frequented by a lot of people.”

Andrew Lynch, from Wausau’s Metropolitan Planning Organization, said all of their recommendations will go to the appropriate committee in the town.

“It’s information for them to use to be able to improve the infrastructure, the environment out here,” Lynch said.



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