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Schofield puts new deadline on mobile home park

A Schofield mobile home park learned its fate Tuesday night. Schofield City Council gave the Northern Housing Community until Oct. 19 to become compliant with city codes.

The decision came after a closed door session, which frustrated tenants of the park.

“I kind of thought it was a joke, they had to go into a closed meeting, they can’t talk and discuss in front of the people that live in the trailer park, I mean that’s our home, it’s about us,” said resident Jeff Syring.

Months back, the city revoked the license for the park because of code violations. Originally tenants were supposed to be out by Aug. 1. City leaders said the mobile home park has been in violation for years and they’ve had numerous conversations about getting up to code.

“Because of the years of non-compliance by the property owner with the various codes of the city, and given the fact the city has sought numerous times compliance by the property owner,” said Schofield City Attorney Shane Vanderwaal at the meeting.

Residents said there have been vast improvements at the park in the last few months, and they’re worried about the potential of being out of a place to live.

“The city of Schofield, they can’t even enforce noise ordinance in this town but they can kick people out of their houses, it’s a little weird to me,” said Syring.

City leaders said at the meeting that it was a tough decision to be made but something needed to be done.

If the park is not compliant by Oct. 19, city officials said they will take action on Nov. 5. There are 69 homes inside the park but about 30 are occupied at this time.

Courtney Terlecki

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