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OFFICIAL RULES: 2018 First Snowfall Contest

2018 First Snowfall Contest


Guess the first date that there will be 1 inch of snowfall in Wausau during Fall-Winter of 2018.

Official Contest Rules

  1. No purchase necessary. 

2. To be eligible you must guess the first date there will be an inch of snowfall in Wausau during the Fall-Winter of 2018. The official snow amount will be that measured by WAOW meteorologists at WAOW. If the snowfall occurs over the course of two days then the date that had the first full inch of snow will be considered the winning date. For example, if there was 1.6 inches of snow and 0.50 inches fell before midnight and 1.1 inches fell after midnight, then the date after midnight would be the winning date. In the case that the first snowfall of one inch or greater is evenly divided between two days or neither date alone has one inch or greater (example: 0.70 inches before midnight and 0.70 after midnight), then both dates will be declared winning dates. If the first 1 inch or greater snowfall occurs before October 6th (during the entry period) then the 2nd snowfall of 1 inch or greater will be considered the winning date. 

3. Only 1 entry is allowed per person.

4. The entry period will be from Monday, October 1, through Friday, October 12.. 

5. Contestants must enter the contest online by filling out the form at or by mail. To enter by mail, entrants must send a postcard or letter with their name, address, and prediction (the first date there will be an inch of snowfall in Wausau during the Fall-Winter of 2018) to “Snowfall Contest,” WAOW-TV, 1908 Grand Avenue, Wausau, WI 54403. 

6. The “winners” are everyone that correctly predict the first date there is an inch of snowfall in Wausau. The top 5 prizes will be determined and awarded through a random drawing that includes all “winners”. All other “winners” that are NOT selected in the random drawing for the top 5 prizes will receive a consolation prize. 

7. Prizes are as follows: Grand Prize: Free car washes for 1 year (52 basic washes) plus a $250 R-store gift card (approximately $550 dollar value). 2nd Place: $150 R-store gift card. 3rd Place: $100 R-store gift card. 4th Place: $50 R-store gift card. 5th place: $25 R-store gift card. Consolation prize: one R-store car wash coupon. 

8. Odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. 

9. WAOW will conduct the contest and WAOW will be the final judge on all matters related to this contest. The judges’ decisions are final, binding and conclusive on all matters. By entering this contest, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the judges relative to the contest. In the event of non-compliance, an alternative winner may be selected. 

10. Winners must be willing to have their name presented on WAOW media outlets. Winner’s names may be used for publicity purposes without further compensation. 

11. Employees of WAOW and their families, its subsidiaries, divisions and related companies, its promotional agencies and all participating promotional partners are not eligible. 

12. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winner. 

13. WAOW reserves the right to settle all disputes and to change and alter the details of the contest as circumstances merit. 

14. All prizes will be mailed to winner, unless winner arranges to receive the prize at the WAOW office in Wausau. 

15. Winners are not eligible to win another contest with WAOW for 30 days after winning, unless specifically allowed in other contest rules. 

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