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New CWD rule will impact 55 Wisconsin counties

WAUSAU (WAOW)– The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is implementing a new rule to prevent the spread of chronic waste disease (CWD) this deer hunting season. The new regulation will ban hunters from transferring deer carcasses from a CWD affected county to another county.

If hunters “want to take the whole deer carcass from a CWD affected county, they have to take it either to a licensed meat processor or taxidermist within 72 hours of that deer carcass leaving the county of harvest,” said Scott Karel of the DNR.

There are currently 55 CWD affected counties in Wisconsin, including Marathon County. For a full list of affected counties, click here.

A county can be affected from wild or captive deer populations, or if there is a case of the disease within 10 miles of the county line.

Joseph Mueller, an assistant manager at Smith Bros Meats in Colby, said the new rule will only affect the business a little bit. But, they won’t be accepting deer from CWD areas.

The DNR says that hunters in non-affected counties can go about hunting deer like they have in years before.

The new rule also requires people with captive deer to enhance the security of fences on their land. The regulation will take effect on October 1st.

Sarah McGrew

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