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Walker campaign: No wrongdoing in state-funded flight to Rhinelander

Progressive group "One Wisconsin Now" claims Gov. Scott Walker used taxpayer money to film a campaign commercial in Three Lakes. The governor’s campaign says the group has its facts incorrect, and there was no wrongdoing.

One Wisconsin Now said state taxpayers paid $2,017 to fly Walker in a state plane from Madison to Rhinelander on July 17. That’s the same day the governor filmed the Three Lakes ad.

"He charged taxpayers for that, which we believe is in direct violation to the law," One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scott Ross said. 

But a spokesman for Walker’s campaign said the governor was in Rhinelander for an official event, meaning he was permitted to take the plane. 

The spokesman said separate "political travel" began after the official event, and the campaign is paying those costs. The governor and his crew also took a separately chartered plane to return to Madison, which the campaign also paid for. 

The following statement was issued to us by the spokesman. 

“It’s a shame when a liberal Madison attack group has such a hard time getting the media to cover its false attacks that it must take sham legal action in order to get publicity – several outlets passed on covering this when they learned the facts. Our campaign not only paid for all politically arranged travel in accordance with the law, we went above and beyond, paying more to make sure there was no cost to taxpayers.”


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