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Area gamers gather at annual LincCon, reflect on deadly Florida shooting

Horrifying moments were captured on a video live stream just before shots were fired at a Jacksonville gaming convention late August.

Police said the shooter, David Katz, had just lost a Madden video game tournament. 

Police said his rage led him to pull the trigger which killed two other gamers.

In Merrill on Saturday, the 8th annual LincCon gaming convention took place.

Organizers said they were confident things would go smoothly.

"We don’t really have any cut throat tournaments that are like life and death we don’t have any big money prizes for events here," said Joshua Jaeger, the organizer of the convention.

News 9 asked him about the recent shooting and the stigma that comes behind violent video games, he said he doesn’t think it’s the video games that are the problem.

"Violent video games have been around all my life I mean that is something I grew up with and I am not a violent person so I don’t think I necessarily agree with the stigma that a violent game will make a kid violent," Jaeger said.

A gamer who made the trip all the way from Minneapolis  said video games were a welcome distraction while he was growing up.

"Growing up it was really nice to escape from my parents failing marriage and be able to get into these fantasy worlds and go on these epic adventures," Ryan Tanner said.

Tanner said he did not have any reservations about attending the event.

"If people are able to channel their issues into a violent video game rather than going out and doing something awful in real life then I would rather see that happen," Tanner said.

The gaming convention does go on till 2 the Les & Jim’s Lanes in Merrill.

Organizers expect more than 400 people to attend 


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