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Countdown to Kickoff: Marathon

Next up in our countdown to kickoff segment, we head to Marathon to check in on the Red Raiders.

New head coach Ryan Winkler has been around the program since 2003, but is now bringing quite a bit of change on both sides of the ball.

The players have been adjusting well, he said, to the change, and they plan to continue the playoff success they’ve had in previous seasons.

" New system on offense, new system on defense, a few new wrinkles on special teams. So we need to learn all that stuff before we get too much put it, but we’re hoping to compete every week," said Winkler.

"Lot of learning right now with new coaches, new offense, and everything. Everything’s new, nothing’s the same from last year, so it’s just been a lot of learning. We’re a fast team. Marathon’s never really been known for their size. We beat teams with our speed, quickness, hard work," said senior running back Bryce Mathwich.


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