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Turned away at first, Wausau woman finally casts her ballot

Voter registration can be confusing and one Wausau woman had to go to the polls twice to cast her ballot. 

Jeanette Suering recently moved into an assisted living home, so she had a different address than the last time she voted.

She says the people who work there, told her a health insurance bill would work to re-register. But when she got there, it didn’t.

News 9 asked the assisted living home for another document and they gave us an "admission record." We brought Jeanette back to the polling site and she was able to vote. 

"It was a learning experience for me," Suering said. "Well I feel great that I got to vote."

The poll master says the health insurance letter wasn’t valid, because you’re not allowed to use anything medical related to register to vote. 


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