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Countdown to Kickoff: Wausau West

The Wausau West Warriors haven’t had much success in the last few years, finishing last in the VFA West in 2017. 

The Warriors did not do as well as they would have hoped, just 2-7 on the season behind all-conference quarterback Chandler Fochs and power running back Mitch Michalkse. 

With those guys gone, new resources have to step up. 

"We worked super hard during the off-season; so here we are, implementing our new systems and working hard as a team so we’re ready in two weeks," Warriors linebacker Marc Sippel said. "Being able to share what I’ve learned from the people who came before is something I enjoy and I really think the leaders shape how this team is formed." 

Head coach Jason Foster is not in the least bit worried. He says the Warriors have completely transformed during the off-season in terms of weight training, attitude and execution. 

Their hope for success this year comes from the equation "E+R=O". 

"We don’t control the events in our life, but we do control how we respond to them, for example, our responses to whether it’s a game on the line, we had that a couple times last year, our response to that event wasn’t what it needed to be," Foster said. "We can’t control the things that come our way, we can control how we respond to them, so that’s one of our team values this year."

Wausau West opens its season Friday, Aug. 17 at Appleton East. 


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