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Portage Co. Pastor raises enough money for electronic glasses

One Stevens Point pastor will soon get to see the sights, that throughout his whole life wasn’t able to.

Father Todd Mlsa is a pastor for five different parishes in the city, and is legally blind.

"My left eye only see light and dark, but in my right eye I can see about 24/100," Mlsa said.

The pastors friend and member of the Stevens Point Knights of Columbus Council 1170, John Schlice, read about glasses that help those visually impaired be able to see better.

It’s called e-Sight and the electronic glasses cost about $10,000.

"I thought gee, I wonder if these would work for Father Todd so I gave him the news article," Schlice said.

After Schlice convinced Father Todd to go down to Milwaukee to try them on, the pastor said he was amazed with the difference.

"It was amazing, I couldn’t believe," Mlsa said.

Mlsa then decided to create a fundraiser of $10,000 to help purchase the glasses. In just one month the community came together with donations.

"I can’t believe how quickly this has taken off," Mlsa said.

He said it speaks volume and shows just how great the community is when people are in need.

Father Todd Mlsa will go get his glasses at the end of June.

The fundraiser will still go on until Father’s Day and any money left over, Father Todd wants to donate it to someone else who wants to buy the glasses.

To donate you can visit the e-Sight website or send you contribution to Stevens Point Knights of Columbus Council 1170.


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