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New parish for Hmong residents in Wausau

Over 60 Hmong families attended Sunday afternoon’s mass at St Anne’s Catholic Church.

After officially establishing a Hmong parish on May 6 this was the start of a new beginning to the many Hmong residents that call Wausau home.

"We come to this moment of understanding that this would be helpful in order to help grow the community," said Al Burkhardt the pastor at St. Anne’s Catholic Church.

Soon, Father Burkhardt will take over the role of being the pastor for the new Hmong parish called Mary, Mother of Good Help.

"They are very eager to learn the faith and the ability to do that is somewhat difficult when the pastor is trying to work between two parishes," he said.

One church goer said the new parish will allow Hmong members to have something to call their own.

"The father has very limited time for the Hmong people here, we basically come to the church here and whenever the father has time he comes to the Hmong community," said Xiong Lo. "By having a new church we now have the father 100 percent."

Secretary of the Hmong parish said he is hopeful the new parish will unite more Hmong members.

"It’s a great opportunity to be able to think that we are moving along and in the future to help grow as far as current members but new members as well," said Lee Lo.

There has not been a confirmation on where the new space for Mary, Mother of Good Help will be.

Until then, Sunday Hmong services are held at St. Ann’s Catholic Church every week at 2 p.m.


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