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UW-Stevens Point graduates weigh in on staying in Wisconsin

1300 hundred University of Wisconsin Stevens Point graduates walked across the stage with their diploma in hand Saturday.

As Wisconsin works hard to keep young professionals in the badger state, many graduates said choosing to stay in Wisconsin was an easy decision.

"The demand is very high," said Chelsea Duellman who graduated from the university with a degree in data analytics. "Data analytics is a relatively new thing so there would be great job growth for the future especially by 2020."

With her subject of study in such high demand, Duellman said she is confident she chose the right field to get into.

"I got an internship at Sentry insurance right here in town this past semester," she said. "I got an offer to work in their Madison office starting this summer."

Another student had a job waiting for him long before he started his senior year.

"I interned with the company for the past three summers and I accepted a full time position last summer," said Colin Koffarmus who graduated with a dual degree in paper science and chemical engineering.

 For Koffarmus, choosing to stay in the badger state was an easy decision.

"Being in northern Wisconsin it’s a lot less populated I think people are trying to get where other people are and where things are happening," Koffarmus said. "I like the secluded areas like northern Wisconsin."

With unemployment rate in the state of Wisconsin at a record low of 2.8 percent, students said they had no trouble making sure there was a job waiting for them after graduating.

"The job that I was offered I received the call before I even left the parking lot," said Logan Taylor.

Taylor said he has no intentions of leaving.

"I think Wisconsin gets over looked, Wisconsin is a great state and a great state to work in," Taylor said. "I look forward to hopefully being here for the rest of my life."

University officials said last year 90 percent of their graduates were able to find employment right away with others going on to graduate school.


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