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Badgers practice after spring game cancellation

Because of the wet weather, there was no spring football game at Camp Randall on Friday night.  Instead, the Badgers went indoors for another spring practice.

Because of the cold, windy and wet spring, the McClain Center has been a popular location for the team the last few weeks.  Family members who were supposed to hang out at the game, instead packed in along the sideline to watch practice.

The Badgers will have one more week of drills before calling their spring season complete.  Coach Paul Chryst says no spring game is no big deal.

"What this team needed today, we got all what we needed to get done," said Coach Chryst after practice on Friday night.  "Probably the same [drills done] we would’ve gotten done had we played outside. It was just a venue change for us. The big change is you can’t fit everyone in here. I thought we got some good work done in here today. I thought it was a good week. Every play this time of year is good."

The Badger Sports Kids’ Fair, which was supposed to be held in the McClain Center, was also cancelled to allow the team to practice indoors.


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